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LT-O2 Ionic Type Air-bearing Linear tracking Tonearm

LT-O2 Ionic Type Air-bearing Linear tracking Tonearm

Type: Air-bearing tonearm
Tracking: Linear tracking
AS-1+Air pump is included


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AS-1(patented technology) is used on the air-bearing tone arm and is installed between the air pump and the airbearing arm to eliminate the static electricity generated by the friction of the air flow through the air outlet, and the static electricity will cause the bushing and air outlet produces adsorption force, which affects sound performance and flexibility. After installing AS-1(device which eliminate the static electricity), a significant differences between the original sound can be observed.

Mechanism designed to easily clean the discharge needle. Normally, after hundreds of hours of use, crystals may form on the surface of the needle tip. If not cleaned, it will cause the ion generator‘s power reduced or even ineffective.

The guide board under the tube can guide extra ION air to the records, not only remove the static of the tonearm, but also remove the statics generated with records are playing.

The air pump can be adjusted according to the weight of the cartridge.

Silence: With medical-grade cylinders partial pressure, stabilize and filter the air. The air pump of our air-bearing tonearm can provide noiseless and constant air pressure.

Durable: Very durable, air- pump’s failure rate is under 1% and it’s life span can up to 10-20 years.

Original mechanical design, make VTA adjustable while listening.

High-rigidity tonearm made by stainless steel, reduce abrasion when lifting and dropping the tonearm, make our product more durable.

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