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TP-S9 Turntable

TP-S9 Turntable

Dual platter structure, all platters are made by solid aluminum, upper platter weighing up to 12 kg, lower platter weighing up to 12 kg
Magnetic floating metal axis
Full metal base, adopted with three-point foot column design
AC synchronous motor
Patented 33/45 manual speed switching design
Single motor belt drive design

Transformer built-in:

110V, 220V 50/60HZ voltage is available
AC female socket, with basic power cord
Replaceable power cord
(220V 50HZ needs to be informed in advance)


Linear tracking air bearings statically balanced tonearm

Can add up to 3 tonearms

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Patented manual switching design avoid the impact of traditional electronic switching circuits on motors and cartridges.
Three-point foot column design, the most stable way of turntable.
Matte finished platter, calm and elegant.
Motor, smooth rotation speed with extremely low noise. Motor is separated from the platter, reduce vibration.
Auto speed control system and power supply, RPM is always 33 1/3 or 45.
The coaxial forward and reverse dual turntable structure makes the background clearer, lowers the noise, and makes the details richer.
Vacuum suction platter, a solution when facing a curly record, sucking power is adjustable.
Anti-static platter.
With an air-bearing linear tracking tonearm.
Can install 3 tonearms, more flexible.
All parts are completely manufactured in Taiwan, except motor.

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